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Rallying Cries of the Reformation

It is appropriate for Christians to remember the significant heroes of the past. This is especially true for Protestants, since there have been so many great champions from the Reformation (1517-1658) who made a major impact upon the present day church—men such as: Theodore Beza, Martin Bucer, Heinrich Bullinger, John Calvin, Thomas Cranmer, Oliver Cromwell, […]

Time Line of Key Events in the Life of John Knox (1514-1572)

“In the hearts of Scotsmen…he became the Moses of the Scots; more indeed, for he was their Amos and their Isaiah too…” Geddes MacGregor, The Thundering Scot Who was John Knox? Briefly stated: he was born in Scotland, attended classes at St. Andrews University, experienced a life-changing conversion to Jesus Christ and a call to […]

Three Treasures

Since I finished my doctoral dissertation on John Calvin’s pastoral ministry in 2012 (Covenant Theological Seminary, D.Min.), I’ve found myself increasingly interested in the Scottish Reformation. The positive effects of this profound spiritual revival have been felt for nearly five hundred years! John Knox (1514-1572)–oftentimes referred to as the “Thundering Scot”–instigated much of the Reformation […]

Give Me Scotland, Or I Die! The Life and Ministry of John Knox

“A man with God on his side is always in the majority.” John Knox Introduction:  Jesus Christ instructed his disciples in the Great Commission to “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…baptizing them…and teaching them.” (Matthew 28:18-20) Why, then, should we as modern day disciples of Jesus Christ who are keenly interested in obeying […]

Calvin’s Doctrine of the Church

By anyone’s measure John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion, especially the mature 1559 edition, is an historically significant Reformed treatise that has greatly shaped the ministerial practice of Protestant churches worldwide. In it Calvin extensively addresses the doctrine of the church (Book 4, Chapters 1-12). This lengthy section within Calvin’s Institutes, entitled “The True […]

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Private: Glory, Laud, and Honor

Glory, Laud, and Honor seeks to teach families and churches how to sing the Hymns in four part harmony. The first ten tracks demonstrate the full harmony versions. The following selections break the parts down to soprano, alto, tenor, and bass.

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Hymns for Kith and Kin

Hymns for Kith and Kin provides rich piano accompaniment supporting you in your daily family worship. Listen to the musical introductions played on a Steinway grand piano, then join in singing each verse with accompaniment styled to the text of the hymn.

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