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Calvin’s Death

I am reminded that yesterday marks the 453rd anniversary of John Calvin’s death on May 27, 1564. Just a few years ago on this very same day in 2014, I was able to find his gravesite in the Old Cemetery of Geneva. It was surrounded by a short black metal fence and planted with low […]

A Visit to Geneva

Three years ago today I had the joy of being able to pontificate on John Calvin’s preaching while standing next to his pulpit in Geneva. In God’s wise providence, on August 25, 1549, the Genevan deacons hired Dennis Raguenier, a french refugee, to transcribe Calvin’s sermons so that they could be published. Over the course […]

A New Calvin Book!

The year of 2017 is being celebrated around the globe as the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. In honor of that fact, Dr. David B. Calhoun (the advisor of my doctoral dissertation at Covenant Theological Seminary) published a guide to John Calvin’s masterful “Institutes of the Christian Religion.” This volume directs you to various […]

Rallying Cries of the Reformation

It is appropriate for Christians to remember the significant heroes of the past. This is especially true for Protestants, since there have been so many great champions from the Reformation (1517-1658) who made a major impact upon the present day church—men such as: Theodore Beza, Martin Bucer, Heinrich Bullinger, John Calvin, Thomas Cranmer, Oliver Cromwell, […]

Time Line of Key Events in the Life of John Knox (1514-1572)

“In the hearts of Scotsmen…he became the Moses of the Scots; more indeed, for he was their Amos and their Isaiah too…” Geddes MacGregor, The Thundering Scot Who was John Knox? Briefly stated: he was born in Scotland, attended classes at St. Andrews University, experienced a life-changing conversion to Jesus Christ and a call to […]