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Meet the Serven family, the faces behind Genevan Foundation for Cultural Renewal. Hear how they started the foundation, their current projects and vision for the future.

Serven Family - 2007

The Serven Family — 2007

The Genevan Foundation for Cultural Renewal was formed as the entreprenurial effort of the Serven family, often referred to as The Serven Clan. We desire to be a catalyst, encouraging familes to apply Scripture to every area of life. It is our conviction that the Bible is a divine resouce sovereignly given by God that is sufficient to address all of the conflicts, difficulties, questions, problems, and trials of modern-day living. Therefore, we apply its teaching to our own life and encourage others to do so as well.

During the 1500’s, Geneva, Switzerland, was a picture of a town transformed by preaching and teaching from God’s Word. Because of this, we chose Geneva to represent our own work. The true foundation of Calvin’s Geneva was its focus on the authority of  Scripture. As a family, we have also sought to have our lives governed by the Bible, and we believe that there is no area of life where God’s Word does not apply. In essence, cultural renewal is an outward expression of what Jesus Christ is actively doing within our own lives. With that truth in mind, we seek to live for God and to encourage others to do the same. Being within the Christian homeschooling community over the last several decades has given us a full-orbed picture of the cultural renewal that God has been bringing about within our own country and the entire world. Happily, many families are turning their hearts back to God and are seeking to live by His ways. We hope that this trend will continue!

The Serven Family - 2014

A lot has changed! The Serven Family — August, 2014

With all of the foregoing in mind, we are happy to live at this exciting time in history and pray that the Lord would enable us–by His grace–to fulfill our threefold purpose: (1) to glorify God, (2) to serve others in Christ’s name, and (3) to advance Christ’s kingdom here on earth. Soli Deo Gloria


Marcus & Cheryl Serven — November, 2015

Regular Contributors: 

Marcus-J.-Serven-252x183Dr. Marcus J. Serven – Pastor of Covenant Family Church (OPC) in Troy, Missouri; Husband to Cheryl, Father of nine, Grandfather to ten; Education: University of California at Davis, B.A.; Fuller Theological Seminary, M.Div.; Covenant Theological Seminary, Th.M. and D.Min.; Member of the Evangelical Theological Society and the Calvin Studies Society.

10690196_947433651950146_6498796247647373710_nMrs. Cheryl L. Serven – Helpmate to Marcus, Mother of nine, Grandmother to ten, Homemaker, Entrepreneur, Home Educator in Troy, Missouri; Education: California State University at Los Angeles, B.A.