Luther’s Attack on Indulgences

Luther’s Attack on Indulgences

As we get closer to October 31, 2017, let us remember the bold and courageous effort made 500 years ago by Dr. Martin Luther (1483-1546) to attack a gross theological error that was being promoted within the Roman Catholic Church. He argued in his 95 Theses against the selling of Indulgences (i.e. “certificates of pardon”). When […]

Two Heroes

Two Heroes: Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt. Over this past summer I enjoyed reading through these two compelling biographies written by Candice Millard. Each volume deals with a unique and challenging part of life–Winston Churchill’s daring escape from a South African Boer prison in 1899, and Theodore Roselvelt’s treacherous journey down the Brazilian “River of […]

The Impact of Jan Hus

One of the significant influences on Martin Luther (1483-1546), the great German Reformer, was Jan Hus (1373-1415), the bold and intrepid Reformer of Bohemia. Hus paved the way for Luther’s work, and Luther himself when he was accused of being a “Hussite” declared that he was happy to be identified with a man like Jan […]