Upcoming Events

2013 Men’s Advance

This year’s speakers are Rev. Kevin Swanson & Dr. Marcus Serven.

Our theme for 2013 is “Intentional Discipleship.” What will help the Church and Christian families to stand in dark and difficult times? We believe that intentional discipleship is the method God endorses.

Any man is welcome to attend who seeks to provide leadership in his own home, or in his local Church. Also, any son may come along with his father or his Pastor/Elder.

At the close of this year’s Men’s Advance we will serve a dinner for the entire family. Registrants to the Men’s Advance have no extra cost for this dinner—the meal is included in your initial registration fee. An extra fee will be charged to cover expenses for additional family members. This will be followed by a concert given by Nathan Clark George on Saturday evening (7 PM). It’s a free concert for the whole family!

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