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image-kevinRev. Kevin Swanson is the Pastor of Reformation OPC in Castle Rock, Colorado. He hosts Generations with Vision, a daily radio show, and has written three books, The Second MayflowerUpgrade, and What Does the Bible Say About That? Besides preaching, writing, and teaching, Kevin is married to Brenda and they have been blessed with five children. He is a graduate of California State University, BS; and Bahnsen Theological Seminary, MDiv.

Marcus J. ServenDr. Marcus J. Serven is the Pastor of Covenant Family Church in Troy, Missouri. He and his wife Cheryl have nine children, four of whom are now married. Marcus delights in telling the remarkable stories of God’s providence in his sermons & articles. He recently finished his doctoral work on John Calvin. Dr. Serven has degrees from the University of California, BA; Fuller Theological Seminary, MDiv; & Covenant Theological Seminary, ThM and DMin.

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