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Three Treasures


Here is one happy pastor with his treasures–three rare books on John Knox!

Since I finished my doctoral dissertation on John Calvin’s pastoral ministry in 2012 (Covenant Theological Seminary, D.Min.), I’ve found myself increasingly interested in the Scottish Reformation. The positive effects of this profound spiritual revival have been felt for nearly five hundred years! John Knox (1514-1572)–oftentimes referred to as the “Thundering Scot”–instigated much of the Reformation in Scotland. What were the major points of his efforts at reform?

— He advocated a thoroughgoing return to the Bible

— He urged an emphasis on the sovereignty of God in preaching

— He recommended a presbyterian form of government in all churches

Good books on the life of John Knox and his ministry are hard to come by. But I was grateful to recently find three rare volumes through some book sellers connected with Abe Books. Several years ago I checked out these three books from the library at Covenant Theological Seminary. Each one proved to be a great source of information on John Knox when I wrote an article about his life and ministry. If you want to read that article, you can find an updated version here. And so, what are my three treasures?

The Thundering Scot, by Geddes MacGregor, MacMillan & Co. (1958)

John Knox, by Jasper Ridley, Oxford University Press (1968)

The Faith of John Knox, by James S. McEwan, Lutterworth Press (1961)

I look forward to carefully reading each one through and learning so much more about the life and ministry of John Knox. Here is a man who boldly declared, “A man with God on his side is always in the majority.” These are words to live by!

— Dr. Marcus J. Serven