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A Visit to Geneva


Talking with Randy Winton on the authority and power of Calvin’s preaching.

Three years ago today I had the joy of being able to pontificate on John Calvin’s preaching while standing next to his pulpit in Geneva. In God’s wise providence, on August 25, 1549, the Genevan deacons hired Dennis Raguenier, a french refugee, to transcribe Calvin’s sermons so that they could be published. Over the course of twelve years he recorded 2,042 of Calvin’s sermons for posterity. This large archive of sermons became the foundation for Calvin’s influence throughout Europe and later in America. Thanks to Raguenier’s indefatigable efforts we are able to enjoy the preaching of the great Genevan Reformer today. Hughes O. Olds, an expert on Reformed preaching, notes, “John Calvin was a master of the art of biblical interpretation and a skilled craftsman in word usage. His sermons are simple, clear, and informative.” May God raise-up more Calvins!

— Dr. Marcus J. Serven